We love them
as you do

Child Centered & Teacher guided environment.

This means teaching methods will be based upon the learning needs and interests of the individual child.

reliable CARE

We offer partial week*, and all-day care ….for 2, 3, & 4 year-olds

*Minimum of 3 days

Your Kids Deserve The Best

Clean and tidy facility

Trained and qualified teachers

Caring, safe, educational environment

Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum....

That focuses on your child's foundational learning while enhancing their individual interests.


Here’s what they say about us

Nancy M.

My experience with Cynthia was wonderful. She is a very professional, patient and kind person. She communicates very well and is very organized. My son, who was nine months when we enrolled him with Cynthia's care, learned how to eat by himself, to say bye bye, she also helped to coach my son to say daddy. Last, but not least, my son was very relaxed and comfortable with her and that also taught him to be sociable because Cynthia is extremely bubbly and happy. Just the right person to care for kids.

Theresa D.

Incredible. I have noticed growth in his speech and comprehension – he really knows the difference between things and knows what he is saying. (i.e. if he is having a conversation with you and you misunderstand him, he will say, “no, I mean…..” - as if he were so much older). He is still talking about what he has learned about animals and their habitats. He’s very excited about learning.

Parshu & Tika D.

Ms. Cynthia was the best teacher for my daughter, my daughter still talks about her good time with Cynthia even though she is not her teacher now. Cynthia is very nice to children; she makes children feel like they were with their mom during school time. Very caring, know to make children happy in school. Cynthia not only teaches about schooling, she also teaches children to be helpful, caring and Respect each other and their culture to Kids.

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